The real battle – ARTICLE

When you burn out, you lose a life battle!

You lose because you did not use your power.

Your right is to protect your life and this is what you must do on the spot.

The battle is between an organization and your being.

Organization forces will always push you to the edge because they that’s their nature.

An organization is an energy reality.

Your business is an energy reality.

When you push yourself to the limit and burn out, you respond to the needs of this energy reality.

An organization or your business wakes up your conquering drive. It wakes your creative skills with a source of endless energy.

This energy pushes you to take action, work extra long hours, worry and get stressed.

Your role is to fight these forces and create a new set of professional boundaries.

These new boundaries are new priorities:

Your health and personal balance matter more than the organization or the business your work in!

Now, this is a radical shift!

You, as an individual have more value that the business your work for!

Repeat this to yourself and let it sink!

This is your new guideline and your new battle strategy!

You are priority number one, not the business, not the organization!

You are priority number one!

A business is a passionate organic entity.

It is a spirit and energy which flows through being.

Now is time to master this environment and stay on top of it!

If you burn out, it miss that you are the slave of your business or organization.

The goal is to reverse all that:

You want to stay on top!

Without you, it’s simple: there is no organization!

You are the most important core value in all this!

Your wellness and personal balance are number one priority!

Establish this new value in the core of your being and respect yourself!

Burnout will never happen again!