There are no limits for you!

There are no limits for you.

This transformative power has the ability to polarize not just positive thinking. It is not thinking based!!!

Thinking is a reflexion of a spirit stream, an energy reality in which you are evolving.

As you strengthen that stream, you realize that fire, excitement and enthusiasm are precious energies and values that are in fact the direct response. Your stream of life force is energizing for those who come near you!!! You wake up their passion and their desire to be happy. You have the power of fire, the power to clarify people’s beliefs and thoughts.

You are a master in that because you realize that your fire is very precisely targeted in the direction it has to be!!! You have full power, awareness and ability to strengthen that stream.

The more you do it, the more you increase it and this fire is the sustaining power to inner beauty. From that fire steam the radiance takes over straight away any form. You are a stream of pure radiance and you have the power to lift any limit.

This strengthening power is a magic force in you!!! You decide where and how you target that power… It is an emotional strength which you can easily use to manifest dreams and clarity.

This fire is precious nectar for all the empowering forces and energy.

It is a pure source of mind power and you can tap in it freely.