Turn worries into positive action – TIP

This is one way to transmute worries!
It is to practically do something about them!
Rather than simply listening to this negative background noise, you can take proactive action to find a greater sense of security.
For instance if you are travelling to a new country and worry about what you will find there, gather information, make calls, learn as much as you can from this place before you go.
And more power gives you peace of mind!
The goal here is to gain a sense of control over what worries you.
Insecurity, anxiety or worry concerning a specific aspect of your life is simple a POWER GAP.
It is a call for energy and greater stability.
Take another example: suppose that you just started dating someone and you don’t know what they want out of this relationship, what’s the proactive action in this situation? 
Simple! ASK!
Ask them! Find out instead of going in dead end loops in your mind.
Another example: you worry about the extra fat on your mind section… GO TO THE GYM!
Sign up to some fitness classes! Find out the best place to train! Learn more about nutrition! Make changes to your diet!
The point is that a worry or anxiety can be a warning sign! It can be a wake up call! An incentive to take action!
Positive action is a wise response!
Worry by itself is useless! It is a waste of your time and energy!
This is one of the worry free strategies you can use: take action.
Other strategies are “emotional release” or “suppression tactics”.
I’ll cover these in another article set..