Unleash happiness

Unleash happiness

Happiness is a funny word. Somehow it has this connotation of light and naïve.

Today, I would like to give this word a new energy. I would like to play with it, empower it and give it back its full radiance.

There is no need to hide. Happiness is hot! It is trendy and it is esthetically perfect!

Happiness is a quality you can invite in your life right now. The key? Creating clear and open mind channels. Allowing emotions to flow and simply becoming super conductive to life.

Funny how happiness is connected with life force. The more life force you have, the more blissed out you are.

Happiness is a cause worth fighting for. It is an essence, a source of power and freshness. It is this very radiance which reflects in your face and actions.

Here are some powerful affirmations to use anytime: “I am happy”, “I go for happiness!”, “I decide to be happy!”, “You deserve happiness!”

Happiness is so much more than a clear field with butterflies. It is an inner power, an infinite river of life force that nothing can stop. Trust it! It is your birth right.