Unleash your love power – ARTICLE

The next step in your love life is to unleash your love power.

Dating is first about exchange of love.

When we talk about power, it is because this is one key challenge you can face with dating.

Now, none of that would happen if it wasn’t for the energy which is in the very core of your dating life: love.

Love is attraction.

It is magnetic.

It wakes up desire and a whole stream of powerful emotions.

In fact, love is truly one of the leading forces in your life.

Are love and desire the same thing?

Is love totally linked to your sex drive?

Well obviously, you can love without feeling any sexual attraction.

So, sex drive and love are two different things.

What about desire? Desire is a full independent emotion in itself.

You can feel desire in situations where there is no love and many of your desires have nothing to do with your sex drive.

This means that love, desire and sex drive are three different things.

These forces can however wake up simultaneously and what you will feel is a combination of these three forces together.

In most dating situations, these three forces play a role.

Let’s focus mainly on love, okay?

Love is a unifying force.

When you love, you connect.

Without connection there is no dating.

You can’t be with a man unless there is a sense of attraction.

The reason people date in the first place is because they are attracted to each other.

This attraction is not a thought.

It is an emotional instinctual response which goes far beyond your individual limits.

Love is an essence.

It is an energy.

It is a state of mind or state of being.

Is love an energy you can master?

Should you simply surrender to it?

Well, it is double, right?

Imagine yourself surfing the waves.

You want to work with the forces of nature and at the same time tame them.

Taming is not so much about controlling.

It is rather giving it an extra power kick and direction.

Love is very instinctual.

It is related with your emotional nature.

It wakes up specific feelings and emotions.

With a force which seems originally so pure, there is this feeling that it is taboo to use your will power or directive desire.

Can you actually direct love?

Can you enhance it?

Can you wake it up and manipulate the way it plays in your mind?

Is love an energy which should be kept totally free?

Or is it better to ad your own will power, vision and direction to it?

What works best?

This e-book is a lot about discovering how to work with the forces of love and how to enhance them and stimulate them in your life.

The dating world is a key environment where you can play with love.

The goal is to achieve some from of mastery in playing with these forces.

In the dating world, the better you play with the forces of love, the greater your experience.

The more you know about love, the more you can discover the inner rhythms associated with it.

You can discover what wakes it up further and what tends to destroy it.

These are love dynamics.

You can learn about love.

You can open up new channels of love in your life.

Your mind is not a fixed architecture.

There are many secret doors waiting to be opened.

This is what love is about.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind

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