PSX_20160719_164803Especially in lovers context, we tend to think that tantra is all about sweetness and love and harmony.

It’s not!

The light aspects of relating are only a fraction of what’s going  on!

The other side are the shadows, anger blasts, frustrations, triggers and so much more.

The reason this is way less talked about is because high intensity and rage-like emotions feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

We can’t separate!

We must embrace and find expression channels that guide intensity in expansive flow!

VITAL FIGHTS is one core aspect of what I teach!

It’s the idea to engage intensity in a conscious way!

Instead of being dominated by emotions you don’t control you allow shadow waves to be source of fire that moves you forward!

To do this you must first embrace what’s real, come down from the abstract live clouds and get dirty!

Dirty means wild, raw amd real!

You don’t have to sugar coat things, pretend that you are just a happy shell.

Your power is in the flow and that flow can lead you to intensity.

The idea is to create safe containers where you can unleash core shadow aspects.

Use a timer to engage in VITAL FIGHTS.

No physical touch, punching or any form of physical abuse.

Don’t hurt yourself or break anything in the space you are in.

Keep volume levels in respect of your neighbors.

Agree to “Pause” or “Stop” signals that allow you to step out any time if you reach a saturation point.

Originally, when I engaged in VITAL FIGHTS practices with a partner, we would simulate the experience.

There was no existing shadow charge to build upon, so we would use verbal triggers to bring each other to react.

If someone keeps pushing your buttons, eventually anger might kick in and you get juices flowing.

Lately, real triggers have been arising before VITAL FIGHTS sessions and we have been using the VITAL FIGHTS container to release, express, voice or project these shadows.

The interesting part is that shadows will emerge no matter what, right?

You might have a fight with a partner or lover anyway.

So why not use these already existing aggressive impulses to expand your conscious?

It is a very tricky game and it can completely burn or annihilate any relationship!

Seing your sweet and gentle partner emerge in their wild fire can feel both sexy and scary!

It can feel totally unsafe!

So why would you go there?

Why would you give your raging emotions a free ride?

Because this is a lot of juice!

It’s a lot of energy!

Imagine that you have this vast reserve of fire that you keep suppressing in you!

Once you reveal that fire and open up that sacred lid, you expand your emotional potential and master new aspects of your being!

It is very liberating!

Imagine that you do that within the context of your couple and access new levels of fire and intensity.

Guess what that does to your relationship?

It expands its energetic and emotional potential!

In simple terms, you have access to way more energy!

See how it works?

I will come back soon with detailed instructions and ideas to set up VITAL FIGHTS sessions.

Stay tuned!

I love you!