What challenges can you face when waking up your kundalini? – ARTICLE

When you wake up your kundalini, you unleash your instinctual power.

It is like calling your animal nature to the surface and working with it consciously.

Now, imagine having a roaring lion in the core of your being and having to tame it.

This is your role.

Imagine now a wild stallion suddenly waking up.

Imagine it “fenced” by controlling forces.

The goal of your kundalini energy is to be set free.

It is to help you spiritually evolve and free you from the limitations of your own mind.

This means that the wild stallion we talk about will do anything to run free.

It will break fences and limits.

These limits are often in your mind in the form of limiting beliefs or existing mind patterns.

A thought form is an architecture of energy.

Now, this architecture can be a limiting fence for your own spiritual evolution.

The moment you wake up your kundalini, this intelligent force will naturally free you from the limitations of your own mind.

This means that a battle for freedom happens.

It is a natural and energizing process which has the power to remove whatever holds you back.

This means that with any practice, it is better to start up with small “doses” of practices and unleash this inner power progressively.

Imagine a mountain stream starting to grow and increase its power.

It will first clear the branches in the stream.

Then, it will clear trunks and even big rocks until the river bed is clear and smooth.

This is symbolically what happens with your mind.

This clarification associated with the awakening of your kundalini happens naturally.

It is good to remember though that your will power can sometimes head for targets which are too high. If you never trained and decide to suddenly run a marathon, it might put too much strain on your body at once.

Give your body and mind enough space and time to adapt to the new flow of energies.

It is good as well to avoid mixing techniques with use of drugs, alcohol or smoke.

Combining all that can create a clash of energies in your system.

If you can, stick to a healthy life style. There is no need to rigidly suppress anything if you don’t want to; simply make conscious choices and think of what you want in your life long term.