What if he does not take steps? – ARTICLE

Here is a secret: guys enjoy being challenged.

Some guys do actually wait for you to take steps. If you wait for them to make a move, you could be waiting for a long time.

Men can be shy and like you, they don’t like being rejected.

Actually, they hate it!

This is why they won’t easily take the first step: by fear of being turned down.

Did you know that in the dating scene the average guy will get rejected four times before he gets a “yes” from a woman?

It takes five tries to get one yes?

He’ll be rejected 4 times before there is a potential opening.

This is what is being told in men’s dating manuals.

I can tell you, many men simply give up!

If you have views on him, give him clear signals that you are open for it.

Don’t be pushy or get impatient, simply give him clear flirting signals.

A man can have many worries.

If you catch a guy when he is going through lots of stress at work, he’ll simply not be available.

If he does not follow your invitation, you’ll tend to blame yourself.


His lack of response has to do with timing.