This could be called the number dating challenge!

There is only one way to handle a situation like this one: move on!

I know this is a tough and direct answer, but it is by far the best strategy.

If you start over investing in someone, that’s the way it will stay.

You might manage to temporarily shift his mind and he might respond for a while.

However, you can already feel what this creates on an energy level:

you give more than he does.

The result? You end up frustrated and depleted.

Love is energy.

It is a substance.

You own a certain “reserve” of it.

When you invest in someone who loves you back, you create a dynamic exchange where magic happens.

Trying to force someone to be with you is like dancing with someone who does not want to dance.

You need twice as much energy to keep it going.

Pursuing someone who is not interested is very different from seducing a man.

Seducing happens because there is a response.

Seduction is a dance.

The one who seduces and the one who is seduced create something together.

It is a play, a game or a courting dance.

Can you see the difference?

Believe me.

If a man shows no interest, don’t waste your time.

A relationship needs two pillars.

You need two will powers fully invested in it to make it work.

If you want to succeed with your relationship, partner with someone who is ready to invest in the same proportion as you do.

The moment you start a relationship on such base, it is super empowering for your couple.

It is a perfect ground which creates a powerful foundation.

Balance! Synergy!

These are the qualities you need for a healthy start.