Here is a simple truth: when you use your conquering power, the environment will react. People might try to stop you.

Why? Because there is competition.

When you set up yourself on a conquering course, your life shifts because you are using your own will power. You transform yourself and your environment.

Here is another truth: a part of your environment does not want change. Your environment is sustained by what we call preserving power or conservative power. It is a positive force which simply maintains structures, in your life and in your mind.

The preserving force is what you challenge every time you use your conquering power. Conquering means opening doors. It means challenging people and making them readapt to a new “you” or a new behavior.

This goes for big steps and as well for small steps.

The reason you sometimes don’t breakthrough is because of these “freezing” forces in and around you. They are the resistance.

To breakthrough, your conquering power has to be stronger than the resistance.

Suppose you want to go for a career shift and start your own business. This will impact on the company you are presently working for, your family, friends and environment. It will as well create competition with those who already are active in that field.

In other terms, when you take the decision to start your own business, this will impact on maybe hundreds of lives. “Impact” means that everyone has to slightly reshape their world because of your move. Your present boss will have to find new staff, your family might need to move, etc.

This is why conservative forces test you. They are the underlying power sustaining society. These forces are saying: “Are you for real? Do you truly mean to start your own business or is this only a pipe dream?”. This is why they put you to the test.

You see, change takes energy. It stresses your environment by asking it to readapt to a new equilibrium.

We live in a very subtle balance of forces. Preserving forces are like a form of gravity. They keep society together and stop it from splitting in all directions in incoherent ways.

So, what can you do to take action? Simple: build up your conquering power.

If your conquering power is too weak, things won’t move. Your boss, family, company, city will freeze your moves before you even start.

What you do is build up momentum. Gather information, get ideas, design a business plan, gather funds and sources of financing. All these steps are telling your mind: “Change is coming. Something new is happening”

Once your mind is ready, you start telling others who will hopefully join and support you with your plans.

This moment of opening is the key. This is when things can shift into change or get frozen by resistance.

To be able to breakthrough, you must understand what forces are involved and why they exist in the first place. They are simply part of nature (like gravity!), they are part of the human mind .

To overcome gravity, you concentrate your efforts and will power. You gather knowledge, know how, and build a space shuttle able to breakthrough resistance. That’s one option.

Seagulls on the seashore found another way to stay in the air. They master another force of nature, the wind blowing on the sand dunes, and use that force to fly forever.

Conquering power works in a similar way. We were born with it. It is part of our mind, our inner engine. We used this force to survive in primal times.

It is still in us today, organized, transformed, transmuted. It is this same original instinct translated in modern time: stock markets, trade, selling propositions. Today’s economy is a reflection of the same original conquering power. It is related with the desire to create, the desire to earn more, the desire to conquer a new holiday get away on a Pacific Island, etc.

Some years ago, I saw a fascinating program: the crocodile Hunter. You are maybe familiar with it. This guy would catch a 3 meters long crocodile on his net and then try to keep it immobile. As he was laying on this massive powerful beast, he uttered: “She is building up! What a beauty!”

Building up! Building up energy to overcome resistance. Then she (the crocodile) exploded into this massive burst of energy giving the crocodile hunter a solid first class Aussie rodeo.

Conquering power! That’s what this female crocodile was building up.

Nature invented many strategies to breakthrough preserving forces. There is a way as long as you collaborate with the forces of nature. It’s a matter of mastering your own resources and understanding the underlying dynamics.

Now here are the good news: at least some aspect of your environment wants to change. This is what we call the renewal forces. Transformation. Change. These are part of nature as much as the preserving forces. Look at the cycle of the planets around the sun. This movement creates the cycle of the seasons which is the force behind birth and renewal in nature. Organic growth is a permanent changing process.

Then, you have the creative force. The creative power. 99.9% of civilization and today’s society was inexistent 2’000 years ago! Where did it all come from? How did it rise? It wasn’t the will of one single man. It’s not even a creative process humankind controls. Cities simply rise. What we are doing as humans is responding to instincts. First you decide to put a roof on your head, then you go and get some food. The rest is history.

Check an orangutan under a tropical shower. It takes big leaves from the palms around it and puts them over his head. It’s a reflex. Rain is cold! It is uncomfortable. That’s how everything started: protecting ourselves from elemental forces.

A city is a simple expansion of the same original instinct. This is creative power.

From a leaf on our head to a community of 12’000’000 people!

Now, the frames within the sky scrapers could be called the conservative forces (nothing to do with a political party!). They are the sustaining power.

The creative and conquering forces are there as well. Conquering more space. Expanding technology. In Vitro Fertilization (!!!). It all comes from a creative drive which moves civilization forward.

If you want more conquering power, simply connect a little bit more with that part of nature which want to evolve and create. Use this force in a creative and wise way. Conquering power is strong in and around you. The only reason you would not breakthrough is because the preserving forces are too strong for a reason or another.

In another article, we’ll look at it from a very human and practical point of view.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind

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