Why a break up is an emotional challenge and what to do about it – ARTICLE

The first challenge is to bring back your full attention to your own life.

This means shifting from “us” or “couple” to “me!”, “individual”.

A break up is a crisis situation.

A crisis requires emergency resources.

What are these resources?

You can call them survival drive.

These are natural instincts which wake up when your life is in danger.

It is like an adrenaline rush or a specific shift in your consciousness.

A break up means that the relationship vehicle has collapsed.

This relationship vehicle used to provide you with an emotional base.

This was your life foundation.

It was giving you security.

It is like a temple or a building with two key pillars.

When your partner is gone one of the pillars disappears and this couple unit collapses.

This is why you feel emotionally challenged during that time.

What used to be a secure space with two strong pillars is now a “one person” enterprise.

You are now forced to totally rely on yourself! (Except for family, friends or support network)

Usually, your physical survival is not threatened. You probably have food and shelter.

What tends to be missing is emotional security. You feel a gap.

This challenge can actually be one of the most empowering moments in your life.

During that period you might realize deep truths about your life and tap into resources you did not even know you had.

This is why it can actually be an exciting time when you look at it from that angle.

It is a time for change and renewal.


To your power!