Why do negative emotions exist? – NOTE

The process of emotional freedom is actually pretty simple…
You simply remove the disturbance to a negative thought and emotion in the energy field.
by doing that, you remove the anchor of that negativity and the negative pattern naturally dissolves into nothingness just through that.
negative thoughts or emotions feed themselves from etheric substance or the life force that floes through the body/being.
the moment you remove the anchor or the roots in the energy body, the negative thought naturally dies out.
It happens VERY fast.
the negative pattern cannot exist if it stops being fed.
It’s an instant thing.
So, what makes this emotional freedom permanent?
It is the fact that the removal of the disturbance happens in depth!
You see, you can remove part of the disturbance and if you leave some traces it is like a virus that can spread again.
To get fully rid of a negative pattern, you have to access as much of the pattern as you can!
In the past, present and future.
For instance, you might feel like the person is totally free right now, and then they are faced with a trigger that calls back the ancient negative emotional memory.
it might be by visiting a place, hearing something or seeing someone that brings them back to the negative mind set.
They thought they were free and they did experience freedom for a moment, but the disturbing patterns are still buried in the subconscious mind and reemerge when given the right emotional ground to spread.
See how it works?
It is simple:
The disturbance is not just a simple not!
It is a complex set of energy that has been built sometimes over many years of conditioning.
The good news is that it doesn’t matter how deep or complex these disturbances are.
There is not a simple disturbance in human life that can’t be removed, no matter how traumatic or profound this negative experience is.
So, why do people walk around with disturbances?
why isn’t a system right now on that this planet that is in place that frees people from their limiting thoughts or emotions naturally and spontaneously?
Why is emotional alienation and emotional pain still around?
The answer is simple:
It is because, negative thoughts or emotions are the results of the activity of a certain creative hierarchy and set of beings.
You have insects, right?
Why do we have insects on this planet?
because a whole hierarchy of being train their skills in creating these creatures.
That’s their job and they do it REALLY well.
What’s even more… They are not planning to go anywhere.
There is a reason they are there.
We are here to coexist, not annihilate each other.
This is a collaboration effort and we all have a role to play.
So, the reason why negative emotions and thoughts are still there is because you have a whole hierarchy of being who live, experience and incarnate through that activity.
Negative mind sets are their creation.
What’s even more important is that they are the same beings who create the positive mind sets.
If absolute emotional freedom was reached, the mind would be dissolved and we would go back into nirvana.
No, the mind sets are still there.
They create the thoughts, minds, ego and we use these to function on this planet as human beings.
It’s all natural and it’s all good.
Now, in this whole hierarchy of beings that create our thoughts and emotions, some behaviors or creative directions are destructive and basically destroy or drain the host they are on.
It’s like a set of bacterias in our bodies or skin.
A ceratin concentration of given bacterias is fine.
If the concentration increases, you might get sick or even die, right?
So, with these thoughts and emotions, the same applies.
Some emotional patterns are alienating for the host and will destroy their lives.
The symbiosis fails because the thoughts and emotions created work against the well being of the host and the complete system.
It’s a dead end.
So, you need a taming, harmonizing or healing force that brings things back to normal.
This is what shaktipata trance is!
It is a sudden aligned rush of harmonizing power that allows beings to realign their energy body.
You can see it as a kundalini experience but it is NOT a kundalini experience.
It comes from another sphere.