A big portion of being human is change! Innovation! Creating stuff that didn’t exist before!

This creative process is an essential aspect of human existence!

Life is not just duplicating what already exists!

We are explorers!

And in this exploration we take risks, invent, design new realities.

Each person I know, each nation, community are engaged in some form of creative transformative process!

It’s called evolution!

It doesn’t mean that the existing systems no longer work or are outdated!

You might be happily married with 2 kids and still decide to take a trip around the world to explore the limits of your being.

It’s curiosity!

It’s our creative power!

This creative power is active in all areas of life!

It’s an essential aspect that defines our human nature!

This is why traditions evolve!

It’s the nature of life of course!

Our world is in constant evolution and change.

Why resist change?

If you have been practicing successfully the same ritual for hundreds of years, why would you need to change it?

Well, it’s simple!

There is nothing you must do!

Crystallising a tradition or letting it evolve are two valid pathways!

Both work!

If your practices work for you, that’s fantastic! No need to change anything!

If an aspect of your tradition or even if the whole stream no longer resonates with you, let it evolve.

I’m writing this because that’s an objection I sometimes hear.

“It should just stay the same”

“That’s the way it has been for hundreds of years”


With that reasoning no new religion or spiritual system would ever be born!

How do you think Christianity or Islam emerged!

They were born under the leadership of prophets who challenged the existing traditions and paradigms!

That’s the very dynamic of spiritual innovation!

That’s how new systems are born!

And guess what?

In the early stages of any new idea, you always face some resistance!

The existing crystallized systems will always resist change to some extent!

Why is that?

Because change is a stretch beyond the existing comfort zone.

It requires an investment of new energy to integrate this new vibration.

Staying within the limits of a comfort zone is easy.

This is why old traditions will often fight the emergence of new ones.

They fight it because these new systems can be perceived as a threat to established systems.

They will often discredit, persecute, bully, abuse, attack, ridicule new ideas!

What happened to early Christians?

The existing Pagan worship didn’t just bail out and open their hearts!

They tried hard to destroy whatever what challenging their sovereignty.

The same happens when the old generation resists new technologies.

Or when a business team is asked to upgrade their systems.

When exposed to potential change human nature will respond in 2 ways: resist or embrace change.

This means 2 things!

First for the innovators:

If you feel resistance in and around you, that’s part of the innovation process.

It’s the friction betwen the old and the new.

Second, for the ones at the receiving end:

It’s natural to feel threatend or challenged by what you don’t understand yet.

You don’t have to embrace the new unless you live in a system that forces you to.

But if you feel resistance, trigger or irritation each time someone challenges your existing paradigm, realize where it’s coming from.

One of the core skills we must develop further as human race is the ability to hold 2 opposing views simultaneously.

The simple winning mind set to win this challenge is to repeat to yourself:

“It looks like my experience of reality is different than yours”

Different people will have different needs and desires!

It’s human nature!

Stop arguing about it and simply embrace the diversity of human experience!

This works for spiritual traditions, tech innovations, life style choices, ideologies and much more!

You don’t have to destroy another human being because their experience of reality is different than yours!

Don’t ask anyone to be you!

Give them space to be them!

The fact that we have a different opinion on a topic or that we make a different life choice doesn’t make us enemies! It makes us humans!