Why you have to be very careful when talking about reconciliation – ARTICLE

You have to be very careful because it is usually a trap.

You start believing again in your relationship and after a few days or weeks hit again the exact same challenges that did lead to your previous break up.

You realize nothing did change!!!

The situation is still the same.

What happens next?

You usually break up again, except this time, you have even less energy than before to recover your power.

These “Breaking up – Getting back together” direction shifts are extremely draining emotionally!

If your ex talks about reconciliation, here is what you must do:

Sit down and ask her this very simple question:

“Here is the challenge we previously faced in our relationship. How are we going to solve this if it happens again?”

This is the real question she needs to answer before you even try.

You need new skills!

It is pointless to try if you don’t have these new skills or strategies, right?

Same actions will lead to the same results: a new break up.

In 95% of the cases, couples who want to try again have no new skills, ideas or strategies to give them greater chances of success.

Within days or weeks after getting back together, they face the exact same limitations and break up again.

Remember this next time your ex talks about possible reconciliation.


To your power!