World Peace is possible

World Peace is possible

Check out your life… What do you see?

Conflicts and tensions are there, always. The only question is what do we do with them?

Coming with manifested power on one hand and the urge for a diplomatic solution on the other hand seems to be the best approach.

Simply saying “We want peace!” is not enough.

Humankind has today the resources to go beyond human sacrifice. It’s time to move and shift instinctual reactions and discover new potentials.

I believe that our lives are the best training ground for learning new behaviors and reactions towards attack and other threatening influences, conquering or destructive moves.

If there was a simple solution, it would have been found already. I’m not saying there is an easy answer to conflict. If there was, it would be fully manifested right now. I truly believe though that humankind has the power now to grow beyond its past limits.

The future has some form of untapped vibrant potentials ready for us. We can look at our own individual lives and networks or check the world of diplomacy. It seems there is more! What is the third choice? What is a full win solution? There is more than what we already know. We have to take the risk to explore new territories in the art of creating solutions and taking action. It does not happen by itself. Humankind is ready! This challenge is an opportunity to grow. Where do we stand? Are we up to it?

I believe the greatest powers on earth have the possibility to force diplomatic solutions rather than still indulge in an old destructive reflex. It is time to go deeper and expand our human potential. It is time to take the risk to go beyond the obvious! We are worth more than that!