Yes! I can live without her! – ARTICLE

I know that when a break up hits you, you don’t expect it.

It means that you have to shift gears.

A break up forces change in your existence.

Change requires energy and focus.

Change always generates some form of stress on your system because it asks you to readapt to a new condition.

I invite you to do something very simple.

Instead of saying or thinking “I can’t live without her” start using the empowering mind set “Yes! I can live without her”.

There is a way to reinforce positive mind sets in your life and this is one of them.

The next step would be:

· I feel great without her!

· I feel so free now!

· My life is open in front me!

Your life can go only one way: forward.

Sure, change requires essential mind shifts.

This is exactly what you are facing right now.

There is a natural resistance to change because it puts you under pressure.

Yes! You can live without her.

I mean neither your body nor your mind will collapse and you know that!

So, stop reinforcing negative mind sets.

The more you express them, the more resistance you build up.

Here are some more examples of negative mind sets:

· I miss her

· I want to be with her

· She is the one for me

· We are soul mates

· We were so right for each other

· Etc.

Replace these thought forms by:

· I am fine! I am great actually!

· I decide to be happy!

· There is an infinity of women out there!

· I have dozens of soul mates!

· Many women are right for me!

· Etc.

I know, sometimes it is too soon to establish these new mind sets.

This is where you head to, though.

The sooner you think and live that way, the better you feel.

A mind set is like a shirt you put on.

It is your decision!

A thought or emotion is not something which is imposed to you.

It is simply a wave on the surface of your mind.

Let me ask you something simple: if for instance you believe you were soul mates, why would life be playing this trick on you?

If she is the one, why would she run away?

The answer is that there are many realities at play.

What you see as the only possibility is just your perception.

It is not the absolute reality!

In her mind, it’s another story and in the mind of the rest of the world, it is still another story.

There is an infinite number of possibilities; so take in the one you decide to embrace.

You are the one taking the decisions, designing your mind sets and life.

This is the big learning experience associated with this challenge.

Your thoughts have the power to project you forward if you use them wisely.

Redesign your mind patterns.

Reshape what you tell your friends and those who care for you.

If you say “I can’t live without her!”, you obviously create an emotional dead end.

The funny thing is that both you and I know it is not true.

The truth is “Yes! I can live without her!”

It does ask you to readapt to a new set of life conditions.

It requires change, adaptability and key shifts in your existence.

It is however within your range and you know that.

Change is a challenge, yes!

Change can be stressful?

Yes again!

The more you resist that change, the more energy you waste.

It is very simple.

There is only one way to go: with the flow!