You get addicted to the chemicals associated with the specific emotional reactions you are used to – ARTICLE

Mind objects are everything that goes on in your mind, not just thoughts.

They are emotions and feelings as well.

A mind object has a life on its own.

In your neuronet, it represents a very specific set of connections with the whole stream of biochemical reactions associated with it.

This life of thought forms, emotions and feelings is REAL!

Every time you experience an emotion, this emotion is translated into a very specific boost of certain chemicals in your brain and body.

You have the chemicals of happiness, fear, joy, pleasure, etc.

Here is the key element to understand: you get addicted to the chemicals associated with the specific emotional reactions you are used to.

Why addiction?

Because the moment you stop having that specific emotion you are used to, our body misses it!

The part of our body that fed itself from that specific chemical no longer gets its “food”.

So, you will often recreate that emotion simply to have a new boost in the specific biochemical associated with that emotions.

I know… I immensely simplified this whole neuroscience concept, but basically this is it!

You are chemically addicted to the emotions you are used to have.

Here is the next key:

This addiction happens not only for positive emotions but for negative ones as well.

This means that when you try to change a negative self belief into a positive one, your body sends out chemical signals calling for the old negative pattern.

This happens until you consciously create new positive mind sets after retraining your brain into positive mind patterns.

This is essential to understand because it is one of the reasons you might keep reproducing negative minds sets even though you no longer want them!

It is literally because your body is addicted to these negative mind sets.

If you are aware of this phenomenon, you can consciously shift patterns and observe the chemical “call” without responding to it.

You see it! You don’t let it trigger you.

Understand that negative mind patterns still feed your body and mind.

Even if they are not perfect, they are still an invisible architecture that sustains your life.

When you are used to negative thinking, these mind sets are your vehicle.

You know everything about how they work.

You are familiar with them.

The idea os shifting to a new shiny positive beliefs set can be challenging because you still don’t own that new vehicle.

You have to make it yours!

This is why so many people retreat in negative mind sets!

It is because they are used to them!

This process of transformation from negative to positive is a transition period in which you shift patterns one at a time.

Understanding better the dynamics that could hold you back is one of the key ingredients to your success!