You need a battle plan to get rid of undigested emotional tensions – ARTICLE

We already talked about strategies to release tensions and undigested emotions.

Now the next thing you need is to understand the power and energy dynamics in your situation.

If you clear negative emotions but because of the power dynamics you are in, tensions keep accumulating again, it is like a dead end loop you can’t win.

So, before you release anything, you want to understand the source of tensions.

You want to pin point exactly how these tensions are created.

Before you release, you need to shift the way you stand in the specific situations which are the cause of the pressure built up.

Rather than going into specific examples, I’ll keep it general here.

The solution usually comes in the form of new mind sets, attitudes or boundaries.

Think “Battle plan”. You need one if you want to emotionally win!

That’s one of the key topics I cover with you in coaching sessions.

To your power!