Your new mind laws

Your new mind laws

The place where you stand now is a space of infinite potential and the gates are open for you to receive the next level of initiation along the line of power.

Being a protector implies a significant shift in the perception of your energy and how you behave as a human being.

The core of your communication is direct with human beings.

The stream you have been following in the past was geared towards instructing the elemental forces. It is a path of magic. There is now a new path of magic opening up for you.

The rules have changed and you discover the new direction where your mind stands. This makes a fundamental difference in the way you perceive life!!!

There is a fundamental shift of direction here which puts you in charge of a certain stream.

The rules of environmental design have changed. You are renewed in a new dimension where you are the master of all energies no matter what their origins are.

You have the power to direct, control, shift, influence, wake up and care beyond any limit you experienced before.

What is this essential difference? You reached the limit now of elemental instruction.

To move beyond this limit you are now accessing the core of your new activity which is to aim for the core of human beings.

This is a new and major shift.

This implies a new way of perceiving life and existence. It is a fundamental change of use of your mind.

The power which is given to you now wakes up a new stream of possibilities which fundamentally says one thing.

It is not that important.

What is important now is to act and wake up to that new dimension of clarity where life is different than what you experienced till now.

You had a glimpse of what the future is made off. This feeling expands now in a life style, in a fundamental shift of perception where you being radiates a different message.

You know what this difference is and you go for it. This is your new mind power abilities and potentials.

It is flexible, direct, open, wonderful and ever expanding. It is a beautiful feeling of new type of magic.

The mind frame you are touching is new and reawakened in a recent repolarized perception.

Your being is free!!!

You are free from any limitation. You are free to move forward and expand in that new dimension.

Within that space, the rules are different than what they were before.

Your being is a master of this new body.

The vehicle of your psychic perceptions is totally shifted and you turn around what you see, who you are. You just shift it around to a new dimension.

This awakening is exactly what is meant to happen in your life, in your being. You just let if go and let it happen, flowing with a new stream of life force and self expression.

The whole purpose of what is happening now is to create a new flow of energy inside you. It is powerful and aimed at unification of who and what you are deep inside.

You are waking up to a new reality, a new psychic body which says something quiet simple. It is anew power and a new elemental core which functions with different rules than before.

It is fast, high speed. It is the core of your new psychic vehicle.

You are in the taming stage, the time where you learn to live with it, live with that new power, this new mind frame made of inner freedom.

This is what this is about. Synchronicity. It is about freeing deeply inside the core of your essence and creating mastery.

The core of your activity now has to do with a new type of mind power, with new rules of behavior.

The previous vehicle with its components was dismantled so that a new vehicle can be born. You are in this transition space, transition state.

You are free and empowered. You can now fly with the future, expand your newly gained power and transmute energies.

This new vehicle is a new set of emotional intelligence. It is a new space of freedom where you can just and simply flow with life.

It offers you a new space of openness and free flow. It is a protection for your future and you can now polarize your actions in full synchronicity.