Your value is immense and people need to hear you! – FEEDBACK

“I recently purchased your material and even before I spent the money, I knew it was money well spent.

I stumbled upon some of your promotional videos on youtube only 1 week ago and already I feel the information you provided has changed my life.

It has changed the way I think about everything and I realize now how many mistakes I’ve made that could have been easily solved, if only I had had then the tools you are providing to me now. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

The only thing is: I think you charge too little and give away too much for free.

I already feel you provided me enough tools that if I was a real cheapskate I might not spend any $$!!! However, your advice is so invaluable and the price so stunningly unbelievable that I definitely need to hear more.

I don’t think I need a person-to-person call is necessary for me at this point because again, without reading or listening to what I just paid for, already…you gave me so much to work for and so much to think about….but it is almost worth scheduling a session with you just to hear your advice and to praise you in person. (or on the phone)

You could be the next Tony Robbins in the dating world. I haven’t seen the “real” videos yet. Your value is immense and people need to hear you and fully appreciate you.

I wish you much success and as you seem like a really good-hearted person I believe it will come to you.

Thank you for your help…”