Certainly, here’s an extended list of 50 questions you can ask participants in your “Master Your Shadows” training to help them identify and explore their core shadows:

  1. What are some moments in your life when you’ve felt the most vulnerable or exposed?
  2. Are there traits or qualities in yourself that you feel ashamed of or try to hide?
  3. Can you recall a time when you were told you weren’t good enough or that you should change something about yourself?
  4. What fears do you often avoid facing? How do these fears affect your decisions and actions?
  5. When do you find it challenging to express your needs or set boundaries? What emotions arise in those situations?
  6. Are there areas of your life where you feel stuck or stagnant? What might be holding you back from progress?
  7. What habits or patterns have you developed to protect yourself emotionally? How do these habits influence your interactions?
  8. Are there unresolved conflicts from your past that still evoke strong emotions? How do these emotions impact your present?
  9. What do you believe you need to achieve or prove in order to feel valuable or worthy?
  10. Are there aspects of yourself that you criticize or judge harshly? Where might these critical thoughts originate?
  11. Can you identify any moments in your life when you felt like an outsider or that you didn’t belong?
  12. What roles or labels do you identify with (e.g., caretaker, perfectionist, victim)? How do these roles shape your self-perception?
  13. When do you feel the need to control situations or outcomes? What underlying fears might drive this need?
  14. Are there areas in which you feel inadequate compared to others? What stories do you tell yourself about these feelings?
  15. What activities or pursuits do you avoid because you’re afraid of failure or rejection?
  16. Are there parts of your identity or experiences that you rarely share with others? What prevents you from sharing them?
  17. Can you recall moments when you’ve sabotaged your own success or happiness? What emotions were present during those times?
  18. What emotions do you struggle to express or allow yourself to feel? How does this impact your emotional well-being?
  19. Are there situations that trigger jealousy or envy? What might these feelings reveal about your own desires and insecurities?
  20. How do you react when someone offers you a compliment or positive feedback? What thoughts arise in response?
  21. Are there situations where you find it challenging to forgive yourself or others? What emotions are tied to these situations?
  22. Can you remember times when you’ve felt invisible or overlooked? How has this affected your self-esteem?
  23. What dreams or goals have you abandoned due to self-doubt or fear of failure?
  24. Are there people in your life whose opinions hold a significant influence over your decisions? How does this influence manifest?
  25. When do you experience moments of self-criticism or self-blame? What triggers these thoughts?
  26. Are there recurring themes in your relationships that lead to conflict or misunderstandings?
  27. What external validation do you seek to feel validated or accepted? How does this impact your self-worth?
  28. Can you identify any patterns of self-sabotage that hinder your progress?
  29. When do you feel the most empowered and authentic? What qualities or circumstances contribute to this feeling?
  30. Are there values or beliefs you hold that you fear might be unacceptable to others?
  31. What emotions do you avoid acknowledging or confronting? How does this impact your emotional growth?
  32. Can you recall moments when you felt like you were being judged or criticized? How did you react?
  33. What situations trigger feelings of anxiety, stress, or overwhelm? What might these triggers indicate about your inner challenges?
  34. Are there times when you’ve felt betrayed or let down? How have these experiences influenced your ability to trust?
  35. When do you find it difficult to say “no” or assert yourself? What beliefs or fears underlie this difficulty?
  36. What patterns of behavior or thought have been present throughout different stages of your life?
  37. Are there qualities in others that you admire or resent? How might these feelings connect to your own aspirations and insecurities?
  38. Can you recall moments when you felt the need to conform or suppress your true self to fit in?
  39. What emotions arise when you think about fully embracing and expressing your authentic self?
  40. Are there experiences or situations from your past that you’ve never fully processed or healed from?
  41. When do you experience feelings of guilt or shame? What experiences might have contributed to these emotions?
  42. Are there areas of your life where you hold back your potential due to fear of success? What might be driving this fear?
  43. What emotional triggers have you noticed in your interactions with others? How do these triggers relate to your own wounds?
  44. Can you identify any areas where you’ve projected your own insecurities onto others?
  45. What expectations or standards do you place on yourself that feel unattainable? Where do these standards come from?
  46. When do you feel the need to prove yourself to others? What might be driving this need for validation?
  47. Are there moments when you’ve experienced feelings of abandonment or rejection? How do these experiences impact your relationships?
  48. What emotions do you avoid expressing because you believe they’re unacceptable or weak?
  49. Can you recall times when you’ve hidden your true thoughts or feelings in order to avoid conflict?
  50. What aspects of your identity or experiences do you wish others understood better? What prevents you from sharing these aspects?

These questions are designed to prompt deep introspection and facilitate discussions that help participants uncover and explore their core shadows. Remember to create a safe and supportive environment for participants to engage in this transformative journey.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind