You might be like… “Why? Why is this important?”

We’re not talking about conscious feedback, questioning, debating or any of those!

We’re talking about a toxic victimization pattern that stops you from taking responsibility.

It’s ok to be weak or sad!

It’s ok to have a shadow dive!

The addictive shadow patterns of endless whining for instance are just a habit or a conditioned perception of reality.

They are addictions, toxic or selective stories you tell to yourself.

Here is a simple truth to remember:


You might be in a neutral emotional space and suddenly feel the rise of a “SHADOW HOOK”.

That’s when your mind receives an energetic invitation to dive into drama, ranting or shadow escalation.

You don’t have to say yes when that happens.

You can be a passive witness to the rise of a trigger without playing with it.

You can be like

“Sorry, I’m on a #ZERODRAMA journey right now! Go play somewhere else” ??

See that?

It’s a choice!

There are no victims here! Only conscious shadow masters who ride the waves they want!

You’re not a slave to your shadows! You’re a master!

Can you relate?

What’s your experience?

Ever felt trapped in shadow loops?

Do you see yourself sometimes launching a drama wave just for the sake of feeling alive? ?